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Eh up you lot!

Thank’s for taking the time out and popping in for a nose! It’s great to see you.  So what’s this all about I here you ask? Well I’m a Therapist……I am Psychodynamic and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy based, but I also like to touch on mindfulness.  People often get shocked at what I do because it’s quite a serious job, an important role and I don’t come across as serious or responsible!! so why do I do it? well because I’ve experienced my own “stuff” and I am so glad I did.  Even though at the time my depression nearly ended my life, the story is, it didn’t! I’m here to tell the tale.  I’ve learnt a lot about myself over the years and done the long training, essay’s and case studies but what I learnt most from was life.  So trust me, if you’re going through something now, you are learning.  Learning what you like, what you don’t like and what you would do differently.  I have a huge passion for people, of all walk’s of life.  I don’t care if you’re a Consultant Surgeon or a bin man! If I like you I like you! I love working with people, and beginning in changing their mind set’s for a greater and more in control future.  My intentions for this blog is to talk about a different topic each week,  and try to normalise mental health, take away that bloody stigma that is attached, if you suffer with “mental health issue’s” you woof like a cat and bark like a frog!!! NO! if you have a headache you take a paracetamol right? if I was to have a cast on my leg you’d except that? so except the fact that I’ve had a broken head!! its now fixed…..but I will continue to look after my head! what ever the issue is, lets jump in at the deep end and deal with it.

Please Keep reading,  Sharing and feel free to ask any questions.

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