Depression and Toast!

Now then you lovely lot!

Really appreciate you calling back in! Hope your week has been good? This week I thought Id discuss Depression and Suicide. Another jolly topic!! but again, if I don’t keep talking and you lot don’t it just reinforces the stigma.  So lets start.

So Depression, you’ve all heard about it, read about it, know somebody that’s suffered with it or maybe you’ve suffered with it yourself? Whatever the way, you know what it is, so why don’t you talk about it? I suffer with it and I don’t give a shit who know’s!! Maybe you’re ashamed, embarrassed? but if you fell and broke your leg you wouldn’t be would you? Again that brings us right back to that little word called “stigma” So do you know what depression actually is? It is a change in brain chemistry that has been triggered by stress, genetics, substance misuse, grief, hormonal changes and many other reason’s.  But it is a serious condition that is taking many lives and effecting many people.

Depression is not something you can just “snap out of” or “pull yourself together”  can someone with a broken leg just heal it then head out on the lash?! no! so why do you expect someone with depression to? It is a bleak, dark, lonely, numb and scary illness.  You could win a million quid and be offered David Beckham on a buttie and still that wouldn’t make you “snap out of it” ( you must be ill then! )

There are many types of Depression, Bi-Polar, Reactive Depression, Clinical Depression, Post-natal Depression, Adjustment depression and more.  I’ve suffered and still suffer with Clinical Depression and probably will do for the rest of my life, but with medication, a healthy life-style and opening my big gob to pretty much anyone that’ll listen its all under control and I’m hunky dory! But it was when I didn’t do those thing’s, I became ill.  I can remember one night in particular Id planned to commit suicide,  Id had a lovely day with Paul and believe it or not I felt at total peace because Id made a decision.  But I had a bad turn and Paul had cottoned on to my plan.  He rang my mum and within seconds she was flying down the motorway from Yoga! I cant quite remember the rest because I was given Valium by some doctors, but what I do remember is my mum holding me super tight on my bed and saying ” If you want to kill yourself that’s your choice, but in the morning you wont wake up, you wont see the sun rising, smell the toast or hear the birds tweeting” I realized I had a choice, to fight for a boss life and smell the toast or not be here at all.  I chose toast.  My mum and Paul saved my life that night.  That wasn’t something I could snap out of, it took for me personally to take time off work, medication and plenty of intervention from mental health services which then lead on to me having Psychotherapy.

If you are suffering, why? don’t suffer anymore.  I want you to choose toast! Depression is a bastard, it’s a horrible illness that can happen to anyone, even the funny happy people!

So do you think you have it? or know of somebody that may be struggling.  What are the signs and symptoms…….

  • Tiredness that wont budge
  • Sleeping has changed, cant get to sleep, stay asleep or waking early
  • low sense of personal worth
  • Lack of concentration
  • Repetitive thoughts of suicide
  • Intense thoughts of guilt
  • Behave towards others change’s
  • Locking yourself away or the opposite, going out to much. Avoidance
  • Self-harming

Doe’s your mind also dwell on negative thoughts such as:

  • Things are getting worse for me
  • I’m worthless
  • No one would miss me if I was dead
  • I make too many mistakes
  • I’m a failure

If you answer yes to any of those above bullet points, have you told anyone? You need to talk to someone.  You must go and see your GP they can offer help, not just medication but Psychotherapy just like what I do.  You have two options, you can either go the NHS route or go privately, the only difference is you get seen quicker when it is private and also there is no restrictions with how many you have.  I do private therapy so if you are interested please don’t hesitate to contact me on here or e-mail me. There are a number of different therapies out there but what I am trained in is Psychodynamic and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy or CBT as you may know it is.

If You or somebody you know is suffering my advice is:

  • Talk.  Tell someone, anyone.  Get it off your chest and begin to make a change
  • Go and see you GP and see what options they have
  • Exercise it can just be a walk in the park, but by getting out and about it burns off excess adrenaline but also releases those happy hormones called endorphin’s
  • Eat the right food’s, its amazing what a healthy balanced diet can do with a bit of cake thrown in every now and then!

Emergency Number’s 

  1. Samaritans 08457909090
  2. Merseyside Police 101
  3. Drugs dependency 0151 709 0516
  4. Wirral Alcohol service 0151 488 7240
  5. Age UK Wirral 482 3456

So I really hope I haven’t waffled on to much! I hope I have helped a little? Please don’t hesitate to contact me If I can help in anyway I will.  If you would also like to book in for therapy you can also do that.

Thank’s for listening, I’ll see you all next week and in the mean time…….Eat Toast!

Kate xx


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