Coping Skill’s

so let’s jump straight in there!

How does everybody cope? and you probably would like to know how I cope? being that I am the professional one here!! well, there is no magic wand, secret or pill that ever gets rid of the mood’s, yes medication helps, that slightly takes the large edge off, but it doesn’t get rid of it completely and that is where coping mechanisms come in to play.  So this week, I have done a bit of research with my friends, friends that struggle with anxiety, depression, OCD, and a few other mental health conditions and I have asked them what they do to cope.  I shall list everything that was said and you can then come back to refer to it in the future if you like;

Coping Skill’s

  • Mindfulness
  • Deep breathing
  • Asking yourself “am I in danger?” if not then move away from that negative thought
  • Is it a problem that you can’t deal with? if yes then why worry? and if you can get extra help, support or guidance then take it
  • Meditation 10 minuets in the morning and 10 minuets each night
  • Following the meditation, repeat positive thoughts
  • Create a “Worry period” 7pm every night, and only allow yourself to worry then for 15 minuets.
  • Exercise
  • Long walks every morning
  • Planning, keeping a diary
  • Writing to do list’s
  • Healthy eating
  • Before bed write 5 things that made you smile that very day
  • Eat Cake!

So there you have it, a nice long list of coping stuff.  And honestly everyone work’s.  If anyone has any other’s please do share with us all, it is important.

My coping skill’s are to eat healthy and keeping fit, that really helps with me and my mood.  That is something I do on a daily basis, but when it come’s to a bit of a crisis point of sheer panic and my mind and body is out of control, for me personally I need fresh air, my feet need to be on the floor so I feel grounded, I have to take the deepest breaths I can possibly do and Imagine I am inhaling my favorite colour and I am blowing out thick black smoke.  As I am lucky enough to know what exactly is going on in my body,  I know I am in more control than I think and this is actually my nervous system playing its part because of my “faulty thinking” and to have faith in it, I will eventually begin to calm down.  And that is my point, we all eventually do calm down.  It might take a few minuets or even 30 minuets but we will be able to reach that point of calm.  Have faith in yourselves and remember we are all in control.

Begin to cope you sexy beasts!

Life is to short,

Kate xxx


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