The flash comes before the bang!


Well you probably wondered where I was last week? I apologize, I kind of needed a little break.  I had to re-write an entire assignment, crack on with mum stuff, go to work, I needed to not worry about dieting and the house and concentrate on me and my family. So I did!! I got my work done, went to work, met friends for cuppa’s and ate heart warming winter food and then had a pudding!! It was just what I needed and I really did enjoy, but now I am left with feeling “Fat” unattractive and just like an old jelly that’s been left on the party table and forgotten about! So back to it today and taking control.

I saw a picture the other week that I could really relate to, it was like looking at me and my thoughts.  I can never just truly enjoy that cake without feeling utter guilt and squeezing the fat! I can never go to work without thinking ” I hope the kids are behaving and my mum or mum number 2 aren’t to tired” and then having a down day and suddenly being thrown into a surprised state of panic in a totally random place like the school playground and getting that horrible taste of metal in my mouth and having to “deal with it” without looking like a psychopath mother at the school gates wanting to scream for help and an ambulance because I have a pain in my left side and I might die, but then I fart and realize It was just wind! ladies head

So this lady represents my head and every other person in the land that struggles on a daily basis, and this isn’t just anxiety and depression but stress, PTSD, domestic physical and emotional abuse and many more. This lady’s make-up is on, she is dressed, she looks very calm but then her head is a scribble of worry, panic, stress and the dreaded what if’s.

So, how do you deal with these intrusive thoughts?

  • Most people that suffer with “anxiety” for example (this can be applied to any mental health condition) want to get over it quickly Correct?
  • One thing that I have learnt working with people and also myself is when an anxiety attack strikes we want to get over it fast and just forget about it.  We could quite easily have a drink to forget about it, self medicate or just push the thoughts away,yes you will feel calmer but it still happened and now you don’t understand why. When the medication, booze and avoidance goes you are just back in the same place. Let’s discuss it and analyze it. Like I have said before, become your very own teacher.
  • You wont like having to learn about yourself, anxiety, depression, addictions etc none of these are fun, but to move on and take control you must look at these first. Anxiety is a bit like a fear, you are fearful of something happening,  but if you learn about it, you will realize there is nothing to fear.
  • When does your anxiety  increase or decrease?
  • What goes through your mind when you feel the way you do?
  • What are your physical sensations? racing heart, sweaty palms, fuzzy heads, shaking, vomiting, knots in your tummy, numbing in palms of hands of feet? the list really does go on.  It is important that you recognize these sensations so when it happen’s you know what is happening.  This information helps us understand a little bit more about what your anxiety is about and what is the best way to deal with it that suits you.
  • Once you have had a anxiety attack or funny turn look at the thoughts building up to this.  It is these thoughts that then create the BOOM! Try and imagine anxiety as thunder and lightening.  The lightening represents the thoughts,  and because of these shitty negative thoughts the thunder appears and you react the way you do.  If we can replace these lightening thoughts with more realistic and kinder ones to our-selves then are thunder will not bang as loud.

cup of tea

Look after yourselves please, let’s try and tame our fuzzy heads and fill our cup’s a little.

Mucho Love.

Kate xxx


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