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Hello der! (I said that in an Irish accent, my sister-in-law will be cringing because apparently it’s not very good!? )

Anyway, lets get started.  Thank you for you response so far to my blog I really do appreciate it.  This week I thought Id talk about stress, because let’s face it.  Life is hard at the moment for everybody. And stress can be brought on by anything. Money, kids, health, relationships, work, family the list goes on and on.  But either way we have all experienced stress at some point in our lives.  Some stress is good, as it drives us to complete certain tasks or jobs (such as launching everything behind the sofa in 5 seconds flat before the surprise guests walk in the front room) I’m not talking from experience honest! but then there is bad stress.  And what bad stress can do to us is quite scary and can be deadly if it is not monitored. Stress is almost always accompanied by symptoms of anxiety, tension, worry or nervousness such as muscle tension, trembling, cold sweats, panic type breathing, dizziness and butterflies in your tummy.  Stress is so important to address and deal with,  if you are feeling stressed at the moment which let’s face it who isn’t these days but, some of us can cope better than others and believe it or not I can deal with stress pretty easily.  Money, moving house, kid’s school events etc etc I can just get on with it and deal with it.  Take it in my stride.  It’s the anxiety that over powers me.  So what should you do if you are experiencing high levels of stress?

  • Write down exactly what the problem is
  • list five or six solutions to the problem
  • weigh up the good and bad points
  • Choose the solution that best fits your needs
  • Plan the steps that will help achieve the solution
  • Praise any efforts that you have taken to help solve these problems.

Some people like to eat, drink, smoke and take drugs to help relieve it and yes for a short while this will help, but the issue will still be there.  Take a look at this picture

stressed lady

Useful website

What would Kate do?

  • Take control, it pisses me off when people say “Oh I haven’t got time” make time.  If you want something strongly then make the time, I don’t care if you are a bin man or a barrister you must make the time.  Time for friends, your kids, the gym, a walk, that cup of coffee you have been gasping for.  There is always time.  You just have to make it.
  • Get fit, got a few pounds to loose? get rid then.  Eat right. go walking.  Eating crappy foods can act as a depressant and make you feel sluggish which wont help with feeling stressed.
  • Talk with people.  If you are feeling totally overwhelmed with work even if you are the Alan sugar of your gaff, tell your team.  Share the work load out.  If you have more and more work coming your way, by all means take it on but be prepared to drop something else.  Work smarter not harder.
  • Have some time to yourself.  What do you love doing?
  • Avoid unhealthy habits, such as smoking, take-away’s, caffeine these will only add to the feeling of stress.  It will help you temporary but it wont help tackle the cause of your stress.
  • Accept the things you cant change. Changing a crappy situation isn’t always possible unfortunately.  If this proves to be the case then recognize this and accept.

One amazing dude I know and I wont name names was struggling big time this time last year. There was a number of things going on at the time but work was the big factor. This dude loved their job but the pressure had become to great.  So they shared how they felt with colleagues (which took ball’s) who where keen to help and they went to their GP and got some “anti-do-dah’s”!!

Just remember you are never alone.  Everyone is worrying about something, or has a little niggle on their mind or is juggling something that feels a little bit too much.  We are never alone, so tell someone you divvy! go for a game of golf, football, tennis, walk, coffee and a talk over a pint or posh coffee with one of those little biscuits! whatever you have to do, do it.  There is always time.

Love you long time!

Me xxx


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