Living and a New Year

Well…….are we all feeling a bit plump, full of booze and ready to clear the Christmas tree away? I am!! I’ve had a really good Christmas full of family, friends and food and all the days are muddled into one, but now I am ready to get back to normal, have a good clear out and hope spring comes along soon!




So let’s cut to the chase, how have I been feeling? Still really good and in control,  I feel like I am living, I’m seeing life and using all my colours to colour in!  No silly thought’s, coping with the kids much better and I don’t look at myself and make my own skin crawl as much.  I do feel as if my mind set has changed, I’m not looking at what I haven’t got I am really beginning to look at what I have got.  BUT my anxiety has been quite intense, I know why that is.   It’s because I wanted to be “well” for Christmas.  So the build up for me was a hard work.  I do these body scans in my head, I ask myself how am I feeling? any aches anywhere? do I have a temperature? is my tummy unsettled? do I feel sick? have I got a toothache or earache? the list goes on and on trust me.  I have been aware of this though this year,  last year I went into hibernation so I couldn’t pick up any germs but by doing so I missed out on a lot of fun and nights/days out with friends.  So this year I told myself I would say yes to everything I could.  I’ve been out for Christmas drinks with friends, pantomimes with the family, a Christmas wedding and school carol concerts!  I gave all of these 90% attention and the other 10% I put into body scans and panicking about the “what if’s” and guess what?  The what if’s never happened!! shock!!  But I’m glad I did them all as I did enjoy them.

As you know if you are one of my readers, I try to be Mindful everyday.   Its hard but It is something I have to do otherwise Ill go insane! and one of my Christmas presents off “an aunty that’s not an aunty!!” (we all have one!) was a Mindfulness book, but taking the piss a bit!



But all Jokes aside, it can be done.  And I do it daily, so why don’t you?  I’m in a place In my mind where I haven’t been for a very long time.  I’m feeling positive, I have idea’s and plans in my head, I’m going to make sure I take my medication when I am suppose to and have my regular check-ups because If I feel good then that makes my life and my plans a lot easier, but any crap thrown my way I can deal with in a healthy way.  So look after yourselves, If you are not feeling your normal happy self, ask yourself why? now is the perfect time to do something about it with a new year heading our way.  Set goals that are achievable, not like winning the lottery! But if I had two bits of advice for you it would be to start to accept yourself, flaws and all.  It makes life a lot easier.  And the second one would be, get moving.  Walking, running, boxing, skipping or swimming. Whatever it is, if you are moving your brain is moving! and it’s throwing out all those yukky thoughts in your mind.

So lets crack on and begin 2016 feeling good.

Nobody else knows you, better than you and nobody knows exactly what you need and want than you.  So  listen to you head.

Happy new year,

Kate xxxxxxxx


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