What story does your face tell?

This week I was out walking, and I spotted an old lady that looked amazing.  She was everything I want to be if I’m lucky enough to reach that grand old age! She had the brightest lipstick, a purple turban like hat on and was sat on a bench just taking in life smoking a fag surrounded my smoke but she looked amazing and full of life.  She looked completely carefree, beautiful and just happy. Happy that she had reached her age, happy just smoking her fag and happy just watching the world go by.  But I bet she has some stories to tell.  Some tough times.  Her face was a story.


This was a little eye opener for me this week.  I didn’t feel myself last week at all,  I’m not even sure exactly what I felt but I didn’t like it.  I was made up with my new job which I’m yet to start but It kind of went unnoticed and that sounds ridiculous and it is really.  I’m a grown women, why should I get attention but sometimes I take life a bit personally.  I think if you are in a caring type job or have ever suffered with depression before you never want anyone to experience that feeling, so  we  go above and beyond to make sure others don’t feel sad, scared, alone or judged  but because of this we get hurt along the way.  Because not everybody is like that. And that isn’t wrong at all.  That is just the way they are.  So learn to say no thank you, or yes of course but……..This old lady would of told me this.   She was wise.  And why was she wise? because she has experienced a lot of shit that was thrown her way.  So when shit is thrown your way, don’t turn your back to it.  Learn from it and stick it in your library of experience to give out when you’re older, whilst you’re in a cloud of smoke!

I’ve seen a number of people this week that are off work with stress.   What is this? well I know it sounds obvious but stress is caused from many different situations, whether it be the loss of a loved one, work life is to much, worrying about your health, divorce the list goes on and on. The symptoms you may experience could be snapping at people, not sleeping, lack of concentration and a knot in your tummy with the thought of work or something else,  racing heart, high blood pressure again the symptoms go on.   So how do you deal with that? and what exactly is going on inside your body?

It starts of with those chemicals you here about, and to cut to the chase it sends a message to you pituitary glad which then wakes up your adrenaline in your body. This sits aT the bottom of the brain  and kicks off all your hormones.  So with acute stress ( and remember you don’t need to exactly feel stressed to be stressed your body determines that ) adrenaline goes into your bloodstream which then causes the anxiety, high blood  pressure, heart racing, sweating or flushing, dizzy spells, lack of appetite and disturbed sleep.

So what do I say? well what I want to know is what are your responses to the events or situations that cause your stress? If you automatically perceive them as a negative then you will begin to kick off your stress levels.  I totally understand in times of life we have normal stress which is good,  getting the kids ready and out the house without to many fights,  meeting deadlines in work etc. But if you continue to see the negative all the time and feel bogged down by life then Stress will begin to take over. Is it your problem? is there anything you can do about it? Is it your responsibility? Have you told any body? and what are you automatically thinking about that event.  You need to become aware of your physical sensations that you experience.  My symptoms of Anxiety as I don’t get stressed really are flu like symptoms.  Sore throat, very hot, snotty nose and a headache.  So now when that happens I’m aware of what is going on and just grab an early night.

  • Don’t compare yourself to others.  Everyone’s experiences of life are different.
  • Try and not to watch the news,  there is no point. People are dying, new diseases are being found, somewhere has been blown up, mortgages are none existent, and peoples wages are going down.  What benefit can you get out of watching that?
  • Tell someone you feel overwhelmed.  Say no to the demand but say yes more to friends.
  • Relax more.  Have a hot bath, do breathing exercises ensure you sit down for 15mins a day and try to chill and listen to some music.  I never have the telly on in the day! I’m a Radio 2 looser! music lifts your soul.

Don’t compare, look after yourself, others and write.

Always here and always listening.

Kate xx


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