Be happy with the tiny stuff…..

Welcome back!

Sorry I wasn’t around last week, I needed the week off, and I thought seen as everyone else is enjoying the bank holiday I was going to as well! So how are we all? I hope your minds and mental health has been behaving? Mine has been good. I had a mini melt-down last week all because I’ve gone back to work part time, and I’m loving it. But the whole business of juggling the kids and childcare for the first time in ten years took its toll.  My hubby at the end of the week asked me how I was and I cried and cried and cried! Not because I’m unhappy, but just because of the stress of sorting it all out.  But its worth it.  The next day I went for a coffee with my mum, I cried then as well! But that was like therapy for me.  We sat, talked, I told her what was pissing me off all whilst dunking my mini shortbread in my Skinny Latte surrounded my little old ladies in Marks and Spencer’s!!

So not a lot I’m pleased to say has happened to me, I am keeping well, taking my medication so I don’t loose the plot, going to the gym most mornings, eating well but then relaxing and enjoying cake and toast at the weekends.  Most of us strive to be happy.  That is all we really want in life, that along with health and a little more cash but if we are happy then it makes all of the other stuff seem tiny.  In my line of work, I deal with a lot of unhappy people, but its not depressing believe or not.  We laugh a lot, talk about things they love and haven’t done for a long time and its a whole hour set aside for them to sit back in a comfy chair and talk about themselves.  Everyone could do with Therapy. And the best bit is when you begin to see them smile.  When they talk about simple things like the sun was shining on their face, like they had been chosen! You can see they are not striving for massive gestures.  As I am sure we have all seen the quote that says Happiness is not a destination, it is a way of life.


I love this.  We have all done it.  Even miss positive pants here.  If I just had a bit more money I’d be so much happier,  If I had a new car I would be happy,  If this anxiety goes I would be happy.  But what If you don’t get any of  those things does that mean you wont ever be happy? No. Because happiness isn’t a destination.  Be happy with the things you have,  in that very moment.  I was out walking in Wales today, just me my hubby and the kids.  We had our wellies on and you couldn’t here anything apart from the kids laughing and the water from a stream.  That was happiness.  I love the Radio,  I often sit with a coffee and just listen.  That’s happiness.  Stop looking for it, because your missing it without even realising.

Ask yourself, what is your therapy? who do you offload to? and what do you do that makes you feel happy? And if you don’t no, or the answer is nothing then that needs to be sorted out.  We are not emotionless robots, we are human beings.  Its ok to be angry, sad, happy and anxious.  They are normal emotions,  what’s not ok is ignoring them. Don’t ignore them anymore.

I feel a lot more in control this week.  I hope you feel the same. Look after yourselves enjoy that small happy thing and don’t think about tomorrow.

Lots of love.

Miss Positive Pants!





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