Don’t ride the wave if it isn’t there

Evening all!


Long time no see.  Sorry I haven’t been around for a few weeks, I have been a busy little bee with work, kids, life, gardening, re-vamping furniture! You name It I have done it.  So like I always say to you lot, I have listened to my body and my mind,  it is tired and needs a little TLC.  So it got it.  I’ve indulged in foods, done bugger all exercise apart from walking the legs off myself and just appreciated the little things, like my garden, cooking dinner and all sitting together around the table and listening to the kids fight over who finished their dinners first and my youngest announcing she heard dad say F**k in the car! I nearly chocked on my chicken nugget!

Mental health,  do you ever really ask yourself “how is mine?” We know how our physical health is, because we ache if we have done to much, take time off work if we have been ill, may get a headache due to stress or not eating enough food but Mental health is an odd one.   It expresses itself in funny ways, think about that person that may come across as odd, peculiar, over-powering, angry, stand-off-ish and maybe craving attention from male or females, now these people may just be utter idiots or they could be struggling themselves with an inner demon.  Its only because I work within mental health, deal with it daily and pop a tiny white pill every day that controls those chemicals in my swede that makes me think about you lot, care about you lot and drive you all mad when I see you out and ask if you really are ok and don’t ask about the kids because really as much as I love your scrumptious new smelling babies I love your minds more. I know that, that baby is being kept alive by someone that loves them unconditionally but who is loving you unconditionally?  Imagine your minds are like your bodies.  They need exercise. They need to be stretched and nurtured.  How do you stretch your mind? Well push yourself.  Give yourself a goal or target you would like to achieve within 3 months.  Mine is to drive, I’ve passed my theory test a week ago and now my driving test is booked! Its good to have something to focus on and be busy with instead of work, kids and the house.  My other goal is to go to India! soak up the culture, drown in the colours and visit the Taj Mahal.  That’s a plan a bit further away, but I will get there.  One of the hardest things I think I’ve ever done is getting through the first few years of motherhood.  I look at their baby photos and think they are just amazing but I wouldn’t go back there, didn’t enjoy that bit really I  just saw every day as another lap completed.  Now I am enjoying it, no buggy, no nappies, no nappie bag/suitcase, no night-feeds and no potty training.  Some people love that, not me.  I love this bit, the full blown conversations, them being able to tell me what’s up and not have to guess and having a laugh and doing things with them that makes them think I’m quite cool and me think the same about them!! My kids are cool and we are great friends as well as  me being Mum.  But I am only good now because my mental health is good.  God I hope it stays this way, its been a while now and I feel so normal its great! So, this week how will your mental health be? be conscious of how you feel, don’t be proud  of suffering and not telling anyone, where the point in that? To be scared shows you feel something, to be sad means you love, to be depressed means you want to care and feel love and to have anxiety means you care to much.  Its just one wave at the moment,  ride it.  it goes, don’t worry if another wave is coming.  You cant ride it if it isn’t there.  Start today, have a word with yourself and choose happy.

Lots of love……




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