Happiness is in the small things….

What is Happy? We aren’t born happy, we don’t know what happy is when we are born, we are just mini humans that only care about the basic instincts such as food, water, air to breath and sleep.  So happiness is a feeling/behaviour that we have learnt.  If we are smiled at we smile back, if we are around people laughing its infectious like a yawn, we laugh to.

Happy is an emotional response to a positive moment, a reflection of somebody that has said something nice, done something nice, a song that brings back a memory the list goes on.  In us we all have a “baseline” my baseline is very low, small things make me happy such as a good cup of tea, seeing my plants grow, making my nan laugh or seeing the local big head wanker who is driving round in the latest BMW trip up in front of a load of school kids!! it was amazing!! you see small things!!! But some people have a higher baseline,  they see happiness as success, money, holidays. Don’t get me wrong, those things make me feel happy to but I don’t rely on them to feel good.  What if you loose all the big stuff and end up going on camping holidays or no holidays, does that mean you wont be happy? If that’s you, you should practice Mindfulness.  Be “Mindful” of that amazing slice of cake you’ve just cut yourself;

  • Taste it
  • Feel it on your tounge and your pallet
  • Feel it going down into your tummy
  • Its all about appreciating the little things and tuning out to the big stuff

What was the last little thing that made you happy? Mine is right now.  Its Sunday, I’m listening to the radio and my daughter is fast asleep next to me.  Silence is happiness!!

If you are reading this and haven’t felt happy for a while do you know why? Is there anything at all you can do to make things easier? drop a day in work? exercise more? speak to someone that may be involved and if you cant change it, if its something really bad then one of  the best things you can do it just breath and accept.  Take it all not just a day at a time but an hour at a time and go back to basics, enjoy the little things in that hour with the people that make you happy and bring the best out in you.  Life is a funny old thing but a special thing that we only get one shot at.

Being happy starts with the way you think.  Are you  a glass half empty kind of person or full? I live with a half empty person! My hubby as much as I love the bones off him, always see’s the negative, he’s the same level all the time, he looks no different to when he is excited to when he is sad! he just plods on in life and takes the rough with the smooth.  Where as me if I’m angry you know, if I am sad I cry, if I’m happy I smile the rest is obvious.  But we balance one another out, I hurt easily  and take everything to heart! And I’m like a child and get really excited and he calms me down.  But I like to think I make a lot of people happy.  The more happy you make yourself and yes you can make yourself, the less likely you are to suffer anxiety and depression.  You can’t be happy and have anxiety at the same time, you cant be happy and depressed at they same time.  They’re two different emotions.  So choose happy as much as you can.




Think of your best possible self.  Do a visual board.  This is where you create a piece of artwork if you like filled with stuff that you want in life and that makes you happy.  So for example on mine I would  have a picture of a nice size family home,  a picture of myself, hubby and kids, a heart to represent good health, a picture of someone laughing to represent happiness,  the colour purple because everything should be purple if I was the queen, the list goes on and on.  Stick anything on that you want out of your life.  Pop it in a prominent place so you see it everyday.  If something is visual then you are more likely to achieve it.

If something is upsetting you and you feel down then maybe there is a underlying problem that may require therapy.  So go, talk to your GP and get the help you need as well as building on yourself.  Imagine how good you could feel in a few months time.  I haven’t felt my best at all this week,  I’ve been eating and drinking well, work is great we are all happy but juggling the kids is hard.  Each week having to find childcare is tough I dread it.  But it has to be done, I’m going to work, I love my job, it enables us to save for a house and it keeps me sane to feel a part of something and needed.  Not just under my roof.  But I realise sometimes the things you love need fighting for and each week I have a little battle of who to ask and what to do.  But I always get it covered and sorted so I should no not to worry.

If you don’t feel happy today, Ill try to make you smile now with some pointless facts!

  • When two otters fall asleep they hold hands! So if they float away they wont loose each other!
  • A shrimps heart is in its head!
  • A crocodile cant stick its tongue out
  • If you keep your eyes open by force when you sneeze, you could force an eyeball out!!!

If you can’t be fully happy today, just try a little bit.  Appreciate the little things and the big things are just bonus’s

Kate xxxx


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