Chocolate and Fags help stress levels, a Birkenhead study found….

Hi all!

First of all I would like to apologise for last Monday! Utter blonde moment, I hit the delete post instead of publish……dope.  Ok, so I am back working now as you know, I started at 10 hours and all of a sudden have jumped to a 28 hour contract. Not a lot I know but with two kids a marriage and a house to keep my beady eye on its tough.  My daughter is being a super-cow, she is playing up big time because I am back at work but she’s going to have to get on with it because We like the extra cash, I need to escape and have no pleasure in being a full time mummy. I trained for years to do the job I do and I love it.  So soz Phoebe but I got to do, what I got to do.  I take my hats off to you full time working parents because I really don’t know how you do it? How do you cope? I suppose its a case of having to.  The first week of doing this I cried every night,  felt guilty every night and told myself off for going back to work and trying to make a career.  Are the kids at risk of feeling neglected? Will everyone think Im a bad mum? Is it all a bit to soon? If it is a bit to soon then thats the way it has to be.  Ive been offered a job that Ive worked damn hard for, a pension, salary and holiday and sickness pay.  Its not often they come up is it? So Thats the way it is.  I am adjusting to life, my slow cooker is on over-drive and I am so organised with uniforms and meal plans that I reckon I could be a personal assistant.

I am in such a caring job and the people I work with are super caring, so everyone is looking out for everyone so we don’t all melt at once!! I’m asked on a daily basis “are you looking after yourself?” It’s great, it reminds me that I’m not on my own as I work with other mums and dads and It forces me to relax and makes me realise how important it is to de-chill, pamper yourself and just do anything that makes me smile.  Im thinking of taking up smoking, smokers get to go outside more and the release on their face when they inhale and puff  out looks amazing! So my chill times are Saturday, Sundays and Mondays.  I love them.  I don’t do an awful lot to be honest, I just do some gardening, natter to my mate over the wall ( she lives next door, she doesn’t just knock about in the entry with a can of Strongbow!) roast dinner at mum and dads and just chill with the family.

So how are you looking after yourself? because I’m well aware there is a lot of you that just aren’t.  Everyone just seems to be on burn out? And doing this whilst eating crappy food. so get eating well you lot, if you keep putting petrol in a diesel car then eventually there will be no turning back.  Stress Seems to be going on a lot in the workplace, why don’t bosses realise that if they look after their staff then the staff will look after the customers.  My hubby is pushed and pushed and pushed, with no please, thank you’s or kiss my arse.  Just do it. He hates it, because he hasn’t been looked after.  So if work isn’t that great, look at how you can manage that.  Step down, speak to your line manager, reduce your hours or get in a union and get advice.

I read a fact the other day which I can really understand how it gets to that point is “Highly stressed women have a higher tendency for suicide, particularly working mothers who lack support and understanding for others, than most women with moderate levels of stress”.  Im lucky though, I’ve got amazing support around me and even I found juggling hard with the support.  So if you haven’t got support, then please look after yourself.  I love my job but can you imagine feeling that way and hating your job.  Not good.

Did you know that chocolate and cocoa which are rich in antioxidants have been know to reduce stress?? good hey.  But unfortunately it makes your arse swell and pants shrink!

cup of tea

This is true, you can’t pour from an empty cup.  How are you supposed to give your all if you haven’t got anything to give?

Fill your cups up, take a breath and talk with your friends.

Kate x


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