There wasn’t a label on your arse when you where born!

Eh up!

Happy bank holiday Monday peep’s, all well? The sun has been shining, the BBQ’s have been out and so have the legs, but thats ok.  Not everything can be great!!

So as you know my passion is “mental health”.  Mental Health consists of thousands of different conditions, reactions, lifestyles, medications and coping skills.  Seriously there is plenty, you’ll of heard of the common ones such as Stress, Depression, Anxiety, Bi-polar,  PTSD, PTS. The list goes on and on and then each of those conditions has their own reactive behaviours, shaking, self-harming, avoidance, neglecting self, sickness and dizzy spells and again there are plenty more of these.  Mental health is nothing to be ashamed of,  you don’t feel embarrassed walking round with a cast on your leg, or telling someone you have a heart condition.  Mental health is exactly the same, it isn’t a sign of weakness  its just one of those things.  When you’re suffering with lets say depression, it is very easy to get stuck into a negative cycle:


Its as simple as this.  One big negative cycle that just goes round and round, you aren’t thinking clearly or rationally, so anything will do.  If this is left and nothing is done about it, thats when depression can really in-bed its self.   Mental health needs to be fought,  you can’t sit back and wait for it to heal or book yourself into fracture clinic in 6-8 weeks and get the plaster off.  In-fact with mental health you may never be able to take the plaster off.  Im aware that mine will always be there, hopefully most of the time tucked up in bed. The key is acceptance, accept the fact that you suffer with whatever it is your suffering with.  Don’t push it away, don’t ignore it.  I hate labels, if we where suppose to have labels then I’m sure they would of been stuck on our arse at birth! We are what we are. The good, the bad and the ugly! I am 31 year old Kate, with lots of strengths and weaknesses I am not Depression and Anxiety, they are just a part of the bigger picture.  Don’t let your weaknesses define you.  You define you.

I get the fact that not all the time we can feel positive, some days are a bag of shit, but be realistic and rational.  Will it last forever? Most probably not, remember as quick as that black feeling came, it goes.  Im not asking you to be all “happy clappy gospel” on me! But for gods sake be kinder on yourselves.  If we where supposed to suffer on our own then why is there billions of humans on the planet.  Talk to someone, do something that makes you happy and if that means cake, then do it.


Are you a worrier or a stressful person? does being like that help in any way? if it does, great.  It must be a healthy amount that is giving you the adrenaline you need to get motivated, but if it’s a hindrance  and you’re unwell with it then take a look at the positive thinking cycle.  It’ll make you think.  Because if you think it will be a bad day, month, evening etc then you’ll feel anxious, fed up, shaky and the actions of this are avoidance.  You’ll avoid conversation, you may come across rude or angry and it just makes life harder.

Physical health is connected to mental health, so get moving more, smile more and talk whilst you walk.  I think its been about 7 months now for me having tip-top mental health! I have my anxious days but I am aware of what is happening and I take control.  Seven months ago I wanted to throw myself down the stairs and never wake up.  I was ready to walk out on the lot, husband, kids, family, friends and my home.  The feeling of depression and blackness was much stronger than the feeling of love.  The blackness hurt and ran threw me like oxygen and I just couldn’t get out of it.  But I did, and it really didn’t take long.  Just telling my mum and heading to the doctors was half of the weight lifted.


Don’t let whatever it is that consumes you and controls you, become your identity.  Grab it by the balls and kindly tell it to “fuck off” stare it straight in the eyes and turn your life into a good one, one worth shouting about and one that makes you see at least one good thing everyday.

now go shout! I’ll catch you next week.


Kate x



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